Beyond clicktivism: meet forgood, the SA dating site for good causes -

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imageBeyond clicktivism: meet forgood, the SA dating site for good causes -

Joburg social startup aims to be revolutionary dating site for volunteers and good causes.

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  • Quote: “What we’re doing is addressing the gini coefficient: looking at other countries in similar circumstances, looking to make the most of excess capacity.”

    My findings are that the Gini coefficient is useless for comparing inequality of poor to rich – it is also useless for comparing one country to another country.

    The Gini index in fact it actually mitigates inequality and hides just how bad inequality really is getting. I thought it a confidence trick as this must have been known.

    The method uses frequency distribution to hide the widening gap between the privileged wealthy and the millions of poor families. Like other methods (e.g. S80/S20 ratio) it does not measure how inequality between the richest and poorest is widening. I use the analogy of measuring inequality with a rubber band in my video.

    The method also only compares the poor to the average income and not the wider inequality of the poor to the rich – obviously they use a much lower standard.

    I live in UK so contacted the CEO and DG of the UK Office for National Statistics to tell them of my serious concerns - they were evasive and would not tell me how the findings were wrong.

    The findings were clearly correct e.g. wouldn't a country with a more even spread of six times income differential not have much less inequality than ours in UK? Why has this the same Gini index then? 32.3_zpsbwaetmod_1.png

    Here is the video I did in response to their evasion - and they still will not tell me:

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