How does water get from the Vaal dam to your tap at home? -

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imageHow does water get from the Vaal dam to your tap at home? -

The journey water takes from the Vaal Dam to your tap is incredible, and this is how Rand Water does it.

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    And at the end of this process the water we get in Johannesburg in one of the finest quality in the world. If memory serves me correctly it is ranked in the top ten if not the top 5. For those that swear by bottled water, you are wasting your money. The water coming out of your taps is better quality than the water out of your completely indestructible, world polluting plastic bottles.
  • Wow, Interesting read.. I knew some of the general stuff, but dam, chemical wizzardry going on there hey..

    I wonder how long it takes the amonia to break down..

  • Very interesting procedure. Thanks for sharing. I always think of Water as a miracle. Man can't live without water, man can't live under water,, Pure water is a rescuer where the opposite is a killer. Large amount of water is always frightening. Sea tides are good examples of it.

  • Amazing way of purifying water. It's better than the bottled water (without a question). There should be some kind of law to follow strictly where these kinds of pure water is available against polluting plastic bottles.

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